Pattaya: Russian Whores & Dirty Old Men

I’ve been in Thailand for a while now, but I was not prepared for the explosion of trashy tourists in Pattaya. I went only for a weekend, but even that was too much. Pattaya has little to offer unless you into your into seeing drunk Russians and dirty old men.

There were so many Russians in Pattaya it should be called Little Russia. In typical Russian fashion, the men were all drunk and the women were all dressed like tired hookers. I swear, almost every one of them was wearing silver lame shorts and sporting a camel toe. I think I threw up in my mouth a few times. It was just so wrong.

Once you get past the drunk Russians with their women dressed like whores, you have to deal with dirty old European men that can barely move their walkers while dragging a young Thai girl on their arm. The girls look so remarkably bored while daddy shovels food and beer in his face. Everyone knows what’s going on. I mean, why would a 23-year-old Thai girl be hanging out with a fat, red-nosed 65-year-old man? Normally this doesn’t bother me, but the sheer numbers just made it pathetic.

I tried to escape from it all and head to the beach. Alas, the beach was no better. Actually, it was worse. At the beach there are trashy Russians wearing awful bikinis and dirty old men trolling around. The beach was filthy, with garbage washed up on it. It’s not a very pretty beach either. It’s small, the sand is brown and not white, and the water is murky and gray. I wouldn’t step foot in the water, it just looked nasty.

Even going out for a drink was a mistake. Everywhere I looked there were old gay daddies with their young Thai boys. One guy cycled through several guys before finally settling on the last one before I even finished my dinner. I was with my boyfriend (who is younger than me), so I felt terribly uncomfortable. Especially since we were the only ones talking to each other. The whole situation just made me feel dirty, and not in the good way.

It didn’t help that everything was so damn expensive in Pattaya. The price of a regular bottle of beer was three times what it is in Bangkok. I didn’t matter much because they stopped selling alcohol everywhere on Saturday because of elections. Just great, I couldn’t even drink the pain away.

Pattaya just feels well past its prime. The food is mediocre at best, the hotel rooms are run down unless you’re dropping hundreds a night at a big resort, and the people are not nice. They are clearly tired of dealing with tourists all the time. The whole city just feels worn out.

What really surprises me is that Thailand is trying to turn Pattaya into a family friendly destination. This is where daddy goes to get it on with some young Thai girl, not where he brings the wife and kids. That transformation is going to take a looooong time.

Needless to say, I am not going back any time soon. Pattaya is just an expensive tourist trap with a bunch of trashy drunk Russians and nasty old men running around looking for sex. The beach sucks and the people are not very nice. There are so many better places to visit in Thailand than Pattaya.


  1. We are in Pattaya now and totally feel your pain…literally! Saw a guy today pushing his wheelchair while young Thai girl had to occasionally give his foot a kick to get him moving! “There’s no fool like an old fool”!!

  2. Yap. Agreed to Jason’s comment in most areas, anyway I think there is no criminal offense to Russians, just a personal feeling. I have recently visited Pattaya with my family and the impression to me is: a little Russia and not suitable for family holiday staying. People there is also not well trained in service oriented. My conclusion is: It’s a place with good natural resources but there is no systematically long term biz focus. Maybe, the girl and the wine are too good to think far.

    • Thailand is trying to make it a family friendly destination, oddly. I don’t see that happening when they continue to target a certain market that is looking for a different type of entertainment. Ironically I actually received death threats from Russians about this post. Says something, I think, though there was no particular angst on my part toward Russians. Just an observation of the situation I experienced (which doesn’t seem to be atypical). I have had people tell me there is another side of Pattaya and that I should experience that, so perhaps one day I will visit again.

  3. hmm…i was there (pattaya) on january this year for the first time and I was surprised to see the situation of this beach. Old men everywhere with young thai girl. its bad view! Honestly, nothing special here!
    The beach isnt really good, I prefer Kuta Bali!
    So, if u want see the nice beach come to Bali!!

  4. The greatest beaches in Indinesia on Gili islands and mombok. What’s reason to compare the Thailand also a lot off good beaches – Krabi, koh Chang. I’ve been every where man lol. But pattaya has another pluses))) cheers to everyone

  5. sorry, its Indonesia and maybe you mean Lombok, right?
    Yeah, I didnt mean to compare, every beach has its own plus and minus.
    I’ve heard about Krabi, Its a beautiful beach, I hope I can visit soon.

  6. I wanted some pics of said female Russian tourists… (hihi)

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