Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya Thailand

Sanctuary of Truth (Wang Boran)

The Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya, Thailand is a massive wooden temple covered with intricate carvings in the Buddhist and Hindu tradition. Also known as Wang Boran, the Sanctuary of Truth is technically not an official temple, but rather a work of art. There is a 500 baht entry fee. Since the Sanctuary sits right next to the ocean and is assaulted by salt water continuously, it is safe to say that the funds go primarily to maintenance and upkeep. The Sanctuary seems to be in a constant state of repair. The Sanctuary of Truth is absolutely impressive and well ...

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Wat Ban Rai, Korat, Thailand

Wat Ban Rai

Wat Ban Rai in Korat is one of my favorite temples in Thailand. Perhaps only surpassed by Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai, Wat Ban Rai is a fantastic temple in the shape of an elephant with a huge variety of statues and art work. While this is certainly an active Buddhist temple, the influence from Hindu and even Christian religions is unmistakable. The outside of the temple looks like a Hells Angels-Hindu-Christian-Greco-Roman mash-up with Hindu looking gods being portrayed as Poseidon and possibly even Zeus. Inside Wat Ban Rai are beautiful paintings and modern Buddhist art. Work you way ...

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Tham Le Khao Kob (Khao Kob Cave)

Temples at the exit of Khao Kop cave

I have a thing for caves. I think they are super cool and one of the most interesting formations on the planet. I would love to be able to go caving into some of the deepest, darkest caves in the world. Alas, that is just not something I will be able to do at my age, so I stick to the caves that tourists can visit. I have been lucky enough to go diving in cenotes in Mexico (perhaps one of the coolest things I have ever done) and even visit the massive caves in Borneo. However, this experience has ...

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Peninsular Botanic Garden (Thung Khai), Trang

Uh, okay, I feel safe now

If you are interested in nature, this is your place. The Peninsular Botanic Garden (Thung Khai) is loaded with trees, flowers, plants, animals, and creepy crawlies. The garden is rather large and features a botanical garden, a herbal garden, a botanical library, a plant museum, and a canopy walkway The walkway is 175 meters long. You start out walking into lowland jungle (getting your little warning sign along the way) and eventually reach the canopy walkway. The walkways has three levels of height (10, 15 and 18 meters) and five walkways. Trang is off the beaten tourist path in Thailand, ...

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Pilok, Kanchanaburi – Before the Fall

Vajiralongkorn Dam

Pilok is a remote little town up in the hills (mountains) of Kanchanaburi Province in northwestern Thailand. This tiny town is a great place to experience the natural beauty of the lush forests of the Tenasserim Hills that form the natural border with Burma. Getting to Pilok takes a bit of effort as the road is small, overgrown, windy, and riddled with giant potholes. The Thailand Tourism Bureau recommends a four wheel drive vehicle to get here. The way to Pilok is full of natural vistas and once in Pilok you can walk around the village, see the small temple, ...

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