Mt Rainer from my plane

Back in the Pacific Northwest

As you can probably figure out from the last couple of posts, I am back in Seattle. I decided to come back to visit friends and family. I have been away a lot over the last several years and decided it was time to spend a little time back home. I am not sure how long I will stick around, though I am using my time wisely. I was in New York City for a week and that was a lot of fun. I have been to New York many times, but this time around it did not feel as ...

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My Week Without Internet

Sorry No Internet Today

I have gone without internet before. For the first half of my life I did not have internet. When it arrived, it was slow—often taking a minute or two to load a small photo. The photo at the top of this post would have taken several minutes to load on dial up. Since then, internet speeds have improved dramatically. As I write this, I have a 55 megabytes per a second internet connection with Wave (the faster speed was exponentially more expensive for some unknown reason). However, for a solid week in December I had no internet connection whatsoever because ...

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My Phone

I am an Apple user for the most part, but I’m not the Apple fan a lot of people are. Apple products are way overpriced and they have a lot more problems than most Apple fanatics would have you believe. I mostly use Apple products because they are less worse than the alternatives and they have good usability. Nonetheless, I am not upgrading the new iPhone. Apple release the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus along with iOS 8 a few months ago. Apple has always been reluctant to go with a bigger phone, but I suspect this had more ...

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It’s That Time of Year Again

Nutritious Food (image via

With the New Year over, it’s that time of year again to get serious about resolutions. I really don’t do New Year resolutions since my birthday in July tends to be when I resolve to make changes. This year I was a little slow about getting around to updating my goals and actually didn’t make any changes until October—close enough for a New Year resolution for me. I have several goals that I’m working on or have been working on for a while. I thought I would share my experience of one particular goal. Weight is always a big issue ...

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Sanctuary of Truth (Wang Boran)

Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya Thailand

The Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya, Thailand is a massive wooden temple covered with intricate carvings in the Buddhist and Hindu tradition. Also known as Wang Boran, the Sanctuary of Truth is technically not an official temple, but rather a work of art. There is a 500 baht entry fee. Since the Sanctuary sits right next to the ocean and is assaulted by salt water continuously, it is safe to say that the funds go primarily to maintenance and upkeep. The Sanctuary seems to be in a constant state of repair. The Sanctuary of Truth is absolutely impressive and well ...

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