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Great Ocean Road & Phillip Island

When I was visiting Melbourne, I did two tours to the Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island. Unfortunately, Melbourne was raining on the days that I planned to go around and do sightseeing in the city. I did not get any decent pictures of the city, though I can say that it is a really nice and beautiful city that seems to be growing in leaps and bounds. I really enjoyed both tours, but they were long and it was a bit much to do both of them back to back. My first group for the Great Ocean Road was ...

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Mount Field National Park, Tasmania

Mt Field waterfall

I was really excited to be able to visit a friend in Tasmania. I hear so much about Tasmania that I just had to visit. While my visit to Sydney was unseasonably warm, things had cooled down by the time I arrived in Tasmania—and I lack warm enough clothing. That was the only negative part, though. Otherwise, I had a wonderful time visiting my friend, meeting a bunch of nice people, and seeing Mount Field National Park. People in Tasmania (and around Australia in general) are super nice. My friend works in the arts and I had the chance to ...

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The Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia (near Sydney) is a large plateau surrounded by ridges. The reason for the name is due to light being scattered by the terpenoids the eucalyptus trees emit into the atmosphere. A blue haze engulfs the entire area because of it. The eroding sandstone resulted in some rather interesting rock formations, the most famous being the Three Sisters. Apparently there are aboriginal stories explaining the Three Sisters. The most common story is that some men wanted to marry the chief’s three daughters. He said no, so the men tried to steal the daughters. ...

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Sydney Opera House [Photo Gallery]

I really liked Sydney. The iconic opera house made it that much better. I never got taking photos of it—I think I took a couple hundred over the time I was there. In the evenings was the “Vivid” show that projected various scenes onto the opera house (and the museum building behind where I took most of these photos). Unfortunately, I was did not have my tripod and there was no place to set my camera for a steady exposure so those photos did not turn out well enough to post.

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Whacky New Zealand

All my fault

I wasn’t a very big fan of New Zealand as my last couple posts probably made clear. Sure, it is a beautiful place but the ridiculous cost and distance make make it very hard to justify a visit when you can get the same beauty for so much less effort and cost elsewhere in the world. I also found New Zealand to be a bit of a backwater. I made the comment on Facebook that New Zealand was a very expensive third world country. People jumped all over me for that, though I still maintain it is true. People think ...

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